History of the Practice

There are not many dental practices that have been continuous for so long. The history of this practice makes us humble and proud to be a part of it.

In 1871, Dr. Thomas Gilmer opened a dental office in Quincy, Illinois. He later moved his practice to Chicago in 1889, and his skill as a dentist and dental educator blossomed. With five other distinguished dentists he helped form what was to become Northwestern University Dental School. When the legendary Dean, Dr. G.V. Black died in 1915, Dr. Gilmer was appointed Dean of the Dental School.

A graduate of the class of 1915, Dr. Emil Mueller returned to Northwestern in 1925 and earned the first Master's Degree in Dentistry. Dr. Gilmer invited him to join his dental practice, and to be a part of the faculty of the Dental School. Their practice provided outstanding dentistry in Chicago, and was patronized by many of the best known Chicagoans of that time.

Dr. Mueller moved his practice to Highland Park, IL in 1950, and in 1960 he invited Dr. Paul Quillman to join him, thus becoming the third generation of successive dentists. Dr. Mueller retired from practice in 1966.

Dr. Lloyd Sigman joined the Highland Park office in 1988 and became the fourth generation to continue the dental practice begun by Dr. Gilmer in 1871. Drs. Sigman & Quillman continued to work together until Paul's retirement in 1997.

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